Charter Day Reflection

Holy Family University, whose main objective  is to make everyone feel like a happy family, first opened its doors in 1954. Sister Neomisia Rutkowska was the first president of Holy Family, which now has embarked upon its 66th year. This university started as a female-only institution and was operated by a group of nuns who made our university into the caring environment that it is today. What makes Holy Family unique as an institution is the kinship fostered here between the faculty and students. As a student of HFU, I know that I can depend on my fellow peers and staff under any circumstances; all university members treat each other with a vast amount of compassion and trust. Whenever I have a question for a fellow student or faculty member, I can rely on them to respond promptly. As of today, Holy Family is co-ed, and the students come from various backgrounds. 

Every year since 1954, HFU has celebrated a special event called “Charter Day”–a day of educational activities that allows us to honor all of the accomplishments we have made as a family. When the university started Charter Day it was a small celebration, but it has since grown into a substantial and festive event. Charter Day is very special to all members of this institution–myself included–because it shows the growth of this institution throughout the years. Charter Day is a day of enrichment of knowledge, and it allows students to gain a new perspective on life. Various professors at the school are selected to present information on different topics, which change each year. The Tiger Talks enable students to take the information they’ve learned and to use it in their everyday lives. As Charter Day teaches us year after year, learning never ends; the more knowledge you absorb, the better person you will be.

From the first day I began at Holy Family, I have experienced so much loyalty and kindness from everyone. At HFU, we all strictly adhere to our Core Values. In my perspective, we should not only use our Core Values at Holy Family; rather, we should also implement these Core Values in our everyday lives.

On February 11th, I had the privilege of attending the mass celebration on Charter Day. It was very touching and allowed all of us to worship as a family. The songs that we sung together were uplifting and motivating. Everyone at the celebration was enjoying themselves and seemed genuinely happy to be in the house of the Lord. Father Mark led the ceremony diligently, and the message of faith that he delivered touched my heart. The most memorable part of the celebration was when we all greeted one another with a joyous smile. This moment reminded me of the compassion and trust we have for each other–a sentiment my mother also advocates as a minister. The ending of the celebration was extraordinary when we had communion. Leaving this mass, I felt refreshed and had developed a stronger relationship with God.

I am pleased that I was able to reflect upon my experience at Charter Day. This day allows us all to recognize the significant accomplishments we have made. As a school, Holy Family has a lot to be proud of. We may be a small university; however, we are not low in spirit. The integrity and determination that our students and faculty display daily distinguish us from the rest–as does the exceptional compassion put into our work. In my remaining years at Holy Family, I hope to be able to carry the knowledge I learn at HFU out into my future profession. I am grateful to consider Holy Family to be my second home, and I am delighted that I chose this university as my vessel of knowledge.

Joseph Sudler is a first-year student majoring in Psychology.