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It’s not me, it’s YOU!- Parenting and Marriage

“It’s not me, it’s YOU!” is Tri-Lite’s newest issue. We wanted students to give us any funny or crazy situations that are starting to get the best of them and need to be heard by everyone! We want students to use this as a stress reliever, especially with the hectic finals week that is approaching soon.

Being a parent even though I am the child is truly not worth my while. I take care of kids I didn’t birth and work to pay bills that are not in my name. Just wish I could be a kid and live carefree as my parents did.

No one forces anyone to get married and yet married people still choose to cheat. What is the point of that?! I met a guy and he was mighty fine, but then I found a wedding ring and knew he wasn’t for me. BRING BACK LOYALTY!