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It’s not me, it’s YOU!- Shattered Hearts

“It’s not me, it’s YOU!” is Tri-Lite’s newest issue. We wanted students to give us any funny or crazy situations that are starting to get the best of them and need to be heard by everyone! We want students to use this as a stress reliever, especially with the hectic finals week that is approaching soon.

Shattered hearts are what I have caused which caused me distress. How can I harm someone and feel sympathy for myself? No, it’s not me it’s them who have caused me harm. You broke a sweet and innocent soul that was once filled with love, laughter, and care, you took it and turned it cold. When did I become so heartless you ask? I became cold and heartless when you decided to break what was once filled with all the love in the world. It’s your fault, not mine. It became your fault when you chose repeatedly to tear me down. Now I have risen and will continue to rise because I know it was not me but you who caused this.

– Bye

Mamiessy Keita