Want to Survive? Follow These Tips

By Joel Richmond, Alyssa Schwendiman, and Sabium Wilson

Every student has a different college experience. There are many people whose first year of college is a nightmare, but it does not have to be, according to three Holy Family University first-year veterans. With a little planning and specific steps, the first year can be a successful one. Learning how to survive in college successfully is a big task.  However, there is a way to alleviate some of the many burdens college freshmen will eventually encounter.

How Can Students Make Their School Life More Successful?

As a college student, it is essential to plan the semester wisely. Stude​nts should not take more classes than they can handle because it will cause too much stress. In Nicole Marie’s 2019 article, “Tips for Making & Following a Schedule,” she informs students and readers how to plan their schedule. According to Marie, “Sticking with a study schedule is just as important as creating one. No one creates a schedule with the intent to ignore it.”

Marie’s point is that when a student creates their schedule, they should create it to where they will follow it. However, when sticking with a ​study schedule​, good results are waiting. In Marie’s view, “Another way to stick to a schedule is to reward oneself for successfully and consistently adhering to it. Rewards both big and small can be a great motivator.”

-Alyssa Schwendiman

You Should Join Our Study Group

Group study helps students learn more effectively. More than two decades of academic learning research has consistently demonstrated this fact. According to the research published in Linguistics and Education, discovering why study groups are more effective  has shown that when students work together in groups, they tend to learn the material better and efficiently than sitting alone and studying. Students can decide the topics before meeting and can schedule time. Students can also quiz each other. They can share notes and tutor each other.

“One time, one of my friends was teaching me chemistry because I did not understand the topic, and it became easier with his help.”

At Holy family University, students can access the Center for Academic Enhancement for tutoring in several academic areas.

-Sabium Wilson

No One Wants To Be Alone, Get Involved

Here at Holy Family University, incoming first-year students should become familiar with both the community and their roommates. HFU offers a wide variety of activities that help students become familiar with the mission of the school. If the individual wants to get involved right away, they should consider taking part in the orientation. The people that the individual meets often leads to forging robust and dependable study groups, finding like-minded people, and getting to know the professors.

I can personally attest to getting involved as soon as possible. It is the best thing I did, as it provided me with many resources when I needed help. If for some reason the individual is struggling to get involved, it would be a good idea to visit the ​ Holy Family resource website ​that states, “Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to enjoy the experience.” On this website, one can find a list of activities when trying to get involved that will help them in many ways.

-Joel Richmond