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Dr. Fichter Hosting Historical Trips

Courtesy of Holy Family University Marketing and Communications Office / Remarkable Photos

By Riley Turner

After earning her undergraduate degree from Columbia University and her master’s degree and PhD from New York University, Dr. Madigan Fichter joined Holy Family University in January 2016. Fichter currently teaches a History of World War II course, and next semester, she is kicking off a class about Eastern European History. Dr. Fichter will also be hosting two major historical trips throughout the year.

The first trip she will be hosting is for Holy Family University’s Study Abroad program. During Spring Break, Dr. Fichter is chaperoning students on a trip to Eastern Europe, with stops in Budapest, Krakow, Prague, and Vienna. With her specialization in Eastern European history and having once lived in Budapest for several months, Fichter will provide students with an in-depth look into the area and why the land is special.

“I think in some ways [Eastern Europe] is a relevant place to go see for ourselves and to kind of talk about what has happened, and the history here, and what is happening now and where it might go in the future,” Dr. Fichter said.

Dr. Fichter also received a grant from the Holocaust Education Foundation of Northwestern University to teach about the Holocaust in her HIST 399B Special Topics: World War II this fall. She is using part of the grant to take students enrolled in the course and the honors program to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC.

“This would be a very interesting moment to come together to talk about things like this,” she said. “I just think that humans are really interesting. I think that what people do is fascinating. I’m interested in how we have come to be and where we are and how we are, and our story of how we got here and why it matters.”

The Study Abroad trip to Eastern Europe is open to all students and staff. More information on the tour can be found at http://www.efcollegestudytours.com/professors-trip/1945313BY or by contacting Dr. Fichter at mfichter@holyfamily.edu.