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September Art Gallery: Lovebirds at Holy Family

Photo by Ronald Young

By Meghan Rakus

Growing up in the Philadelphia area, it is nearly impossible to avoid the vast exposure to art.  Whether taking advantage of the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Pay What You Wish program, or walking past your favorite mural on the way to work, Philadelphia is a rare city that has its residents appreciating local beauty at every turn. For Holy Family students, a train ride to a museum may be the first instinct when in need for an experience enriched with art; however, Peter Morgan’s exhibition featuring sculptures and works on paper should be on every student’s radar.

The small exhibition space, located in the Lower Level of the ETC, is known as the Holy Family Art Gallery.  Each month, from September until April, the Art Gallery is filled with different artist’s work, whether it is a student, faculty member, or local artist. September’s exhibition was filled with sculptures of North American birds by Peter Morgan .

“Peter Morgan will be the only professional ceramic artist that will be exhibited this academic year,” said Pam Flynn, Professor of Art and Coordinator of Fine Arts. “He is also the only artist that will be exhibited who is using birds as his subject matter. The artist for October is dealing with portraits on very small canvases. Every month brings a new visual experience to the gallery.”

Morgan’s attention to detail on these sculptures provide much to be seen by its viewers.  The colors fade seamlessly while the sculpture of the tree bark is so perfectly coarse.  The lovebirds sit majestically on a cactus with the white and yellow flowers.  Then all the attention in the room will be occupied to the wall featuring several puffins on stones.   All these pieces are not only beautiful, both as a group and individually, but they are also enjoyable and captivating.

“The gallery puts out a call for art every year and artists from all over the country apply for an exhibit in the gallery,” Flynn said. “I pick artists who are unique and diverse. Peter Morgan was picked because he is a ceramic sculptor who is making work that is both beautiful and interesting on many levels.”