Holy Family Helps Phillies Go Green

By Jackie Daubert

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On September 29, 2017, a group of five Holy Family University representatives went down to Citizens Bank Park to help clean up the stadium as part of the Phillies Red Goes Green initiative. Participants walked the concourse and aisles, collecting trash and placing them in their respected bins and bags.  Two Holy Family students, Kristina Kissling and Alisia Flemings, attended the event, helping clean during the Phillies win over the New York Mets.

“When we got there, we met with some of the ball girls, and they gave us an apron and a bag and told us what stuff they do and don’t collect,” said Kissling, a sophomore nursing major. “Then we got assigned sections to collect bottles and cans from. I’m a huge Phillies fan, so I figured it would be cool to be more behind the scenes and help out at the stadium.”

Flemings, also a sophomore nursing student, had fun at the stadium.

“We [picked up trash from the aisles] for two hours and then got to watch the rest of the game. It was fun!”