From the Advisers: Tri-Lite’s Evolution

Hello, readers!

Dr. Robert Ficociello and I would like to officially welcome you to Tri-Lite, the official student newspaper of Holy Family University since 1954.

For years, Tri-Lite has provided students the opportunity to practice and refine their journalistic abilities through a popular medium. As times have changed, so too has Tri-Lite. As you can see from where you’re reading this, Tri-Lite has gone digital, moving away from a print publication and transitioning to an online (and mobile) news and entertainment source.

As the Tri-Lite advisers, Dr. Ficociello and I want the editors and staff writers to bring you—students, staff, faculty, administration, alumni, and the neighboring HFU community—important news and timely information that matters. Coinciding with the launch of the new website, you’ll find stories about student clubs, popular happenings on campus, faculty profiles, and newsworthy events across all levels of the University.

We hope you enjoy the updated look and direction of Tri-Lite. We have a dedicated group of writers working to print the news that makes this website run. They have worked diligently with us and each other over the past six weeks to launch Tri-Lite this fall. Please contact us or them with any suggestions or kudos to keep the tradition of Tri-Lite moving forward.

Happy reading!

Dr. Robert Ficociello, Assistant Professor of Writing, School of Arts and Sciences
Dave Pavlak, Communications Specialist, Marketing and Communications