From the Editor: Welcome to Tri-Lite!

Welcome, Holy Family University Tigers, to the Tri-Lite website! Our team is  excited to work hard to provide you with the best source of campus news. This year, Tri-Lite has undergone some exciting changes that I wanted to share with you.

First, the Tri-Lite logo has been redesigned, giving a fresh look  to the entire publication. We’ve also moved from a print publication to a digital news source, including the launch of a brand new website, which you’re experiencing today.  The modern look and feel of Tri-Lite will be paired with the style and dependability of classic journalism. Tri-Lite is also under new moderation, with Dave Pavlak and  Robert Ficociello assuming the role of advisers.

Dave and Dr.Ficociello have  extensive experience in the communications and journalism field. Dave currently works  as the Communications Specialist in the Marketing and Communications Department for Holy Family University, handling the University’s  website news, social media accounts, and bi-annual magazine, Values.  Prior to Holy Family, he  won numerous awards for his articles as a student journalist from the Society of Professional Journalists and the New Jersey Press Foundation. .

Dr.Ficociello works as an Assistant Professor of Writing in the School of Arts and Sciences.  He has two books coming out this fall: America’s Disaster Culture: The Production of Natural Disasters in Literature and Pop Culture and Eco Culture: Disaster, Discourse, and Narrative.  He has served primarily as an editor for academic and literary publications, and in graduate school,  wrote a column at the University of New Orleans.

I’d also like to introduce you to our editorial board.  The News Editor position is filled by Jackie Daubert, an Early Childhood and Special Education major, whose interest in the newspaper stems from her passion for journalism in high school,  Tyler Mulholland-Gain is our Features & Entertainment Editor, where as a Communications major, he is looking to build skills and network for his future career.  Amber Schiffner, our Online and Social Media Manager is also a Communications major who is interested in becoming a journalist and enjoys the opportunity  to get her voice out there in the community.  Finally, I will am Executive Editor, looking forward to building a portfolio and becoming involved with the campus community to bring you the news.

Our staff is excited for the direction the publication will be following this year. We strive to continue to move forward as a professional organization on campus. We see this paper as a credible and worthwhile source of news, and  we’re looking towards a more accessible future leading to a larger  audience. We hope to create a paper that not only is informational and easy to read,  but something that people will want to read. I know that we work as a devoted team and we will always be trying our best to achieve these goals. We will always work hard to cover the stories you care about on campus. We’ll hold each story to the highest standards of credibility and quality writing.

We look forward to a great year on campus, and remember to check back regularly for the latest articles. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on our weekly meetings and new content.



Angela Morrison

Executive Editor