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Fortnite Battle Royale PvP Review

By Kristina Colon

With more than 3.4 million players, Fortnite Battle Royale is a fun and addictive survival action and base building game that allows players to try to think strategically in order to survive and get an unforgettable win. I have to admit that during my first matches of playing the game, I was lost and confused; however, in order to understand how to play Fortnite, you must practice. Besides, practice makes perfect, and every game requires practice in order to become a better player. The overall objective of PvP is being the last one standing and getting a sweet #1 Victory Royale.

There are two game modes in Fortnite, but PvP, also referred to as player versus player, is free for everyone to play. Players have the option to play solos against other  players, duos, or squads up to four players. Understanding the following key factors in the game will help anyone achieve the big win!

Weapon Color Rarity

All weapons in this game are ranked from weakest to rare(weakest to strongest or common to rare) by five different colors: gray, green, blue, purple, and orange. Gray weapons are common, greens are uncommon, blues are rare, purple are epics and orange are legendary. The better the color, the more damage it does to an enemy. For instance, a legendary scar would do more damage than a green assault rifle. Knowing weapon rarity will help you know which guns you should keep in your inventory, and also being able to swap out weaker guns for stronger ones.



There are a wide variety of weapons to choose from in Fortnite, but understanding and adjusting to how they all work to your personal liking will benefit your skill. After taking off the Battle Royale bus and landing, your top priority is to find a weapon immediately to defend yourself from players that wish to attack you, or for you to find a weapon to wipe out enemies fast before they consume all the shields. The weapons in the game are pistols, revolvers, sub machine guns or SMG’s, assault rifle or AR’s, scars, tactical shotguns, pump shotguns, bolt action sniper rifle, and semi-auto sniper rifles. Weapons that require rocket ammo are grenade launchers and rocket launchers. Lastly, there are three different kinds of grenades: regular grenade, smoke grenade and boogie bomb. Once the boogie bomb is used against an enemy, the enemy will dance nonstop unless they take damage.



In order to build forts, bases, stairs or roofs, you must farm and collect material from throughout the map. Players start each game with a pick-axe to harvest material and break almost anything. To harvest and obtain double the material, make sure to aim directly at the blue target circle. For example, this will allow you to obtain 30 pieces of wood rather than 15. With that being said, there are three types of resources players can farm throughout the map: wood, brick, and metal. Wood is the most common material to farm because you can obtain them from trees, certain plants, bushes, and wooden houses. Brick is not as common as wood, and it can be farmed from houses or buildings made out of brick. Metal is typically hard to come by, and it takes longer to build than wood and brick; however, it is the strongest material in the game. Metal can be found from street lights, cell bars, fences, and garage doors.


Fortnite Battle Royale is all about being creative by using the resources you farmed in order to build a base to defend yourself while also trying to eliminate other enemies. Having a fort gives players a better advantage because they have cover and can retreat from firing to heal up on bandages, med-kits, and consumable shields. I admit that I am not a pro builder as of yet, but I can edit floors and walls by making doors or a rail.

Healing Items and Consumables

The great part of Fortnite is being able to regenerate the majority of your Healing Power (HP) by using bandages and med-kits. Bandages are usually found with only five uses, but you can stack up on at least 15. Bandages are different from med-kits because each use regenerates 25% of your HP and cannot be used anymore after reaching 75 HP, and only  takes five seconds to use. Med-kits, however, regenerate a player’s full HP but take ten seconds to use. This can be tricky when enemies are close-by.


All shields are useful, so when you take damage, your HP is not affected as greatly. There are four consumables: mini shield, regular shield, slurp, and the chug jug. Mini shields are just like bandages, but they come in threes, take five seconds to consume and give you 25 shields. Reaching 50 shields is the maximum limit, so you will not be able to consume any more mini shields. Regular shields give players 50 shields. A key tip I use is to consume two mini shields first, so I gain 50 shield and then consume a regular shield for another 50, so I can have 100 shield. The slurp consumable is quite different because it acts as a bandage and a mini shield. Since you can only use your bandages up to 75 HP, consuming a slurp will allow you to regenerate to 100 HP while also gaining 25 shields. So not only are you increasing the HP bar, but also your shield. The chug jug is probably the best consumable in the game at the moment, but it takes 15 seconds to use. The chug jug allows players to regain 100 HP and 100 shield, but this item is legendary, which is hard to come by.

In duo and squad mode, your teammates will get knocked down if they lose all their HP from an enemy. If the enemy shoots your knock-downed team mate, they are eliminated. You will have the option to revive them, which takes 10 seconds, and they come back alive with only 30HP. Teammates can drop consumables, bandages, and HP to their teammates with low HP or low shield.

The Storm and the Safe Zone

Players are not the only thing you will worry about while playing this game. The storm plays a big part in PvP. After landing at your location, a minute will go by and an alert will indicate how many minutes you have to gather your weapons and materials before the storm moves in. In the beginning of the match, the storm starts forming after three minutes.


To make sure you are in the safe zone, or headed in the right direction towards the safe zone, you must check your map. If your player icon on the map shows you are inside a circle, you in the safe zone. If your player is far from the circle, and you see a line going towards the circle, that is the line that you will need to follow in order to get to the safe zone quicker. You will have another three minutes to get to the safe zone while the storm is forming. If you are stuck in the storm, you will lose HP. You must always be aware of where the safe zone is and when it changes. The circle will get smaller and smaller along with the amount of players that are left in the match. Your goal is to survive by getting to the safe zone while not getting eliminated by enemies.

Final Thoughts and Rating

I have to admit, I did not think I would enjoy Fortnite Battle Royale. I am very particular in the type of games that I play because I mostly enjoy First Person Shooters, such as Battlefield and Call of Duty. I underestimated Fortnite because of the cartoonish graphics, but the game is fun to play once you understand how to play. It took me about two weeks to understand how to build, adjust to most of the weapons, and, overall, understand how to get a win. I played a lot of squad games with friends because solos and duos were a bit too advanced for a beginner like me to jump on in right away.

At first, I would pick up every item I saw or got from chests not knowing their rarity. I would farm a lot of resources, but end up not using them because I did not know how. After some practice, I started getting comfortable with building basic structures to help me defend myself and stay alive in the game. I also learned that listening with a good headset is key, so you can hear enemies above, below or around you. Knowing this allows you to know how to make your move in order to get away or take them down. I have played the game for more than four months, but I watch YouTubers and streamers to learn how to become a better player.

Although Fortnite does have some glitches, it is a free early access beta game, so there is not much to complain about. Epic Games did an outstanding job creating Fortnite Battle Royale and having it accessible to play in all platforms and eventually even on the Nintendo Switch. I do see this game going far, and I cannot wait for more features and weapons to be added onto Fortnite Battle Royale in the future. Overall, I give Fortnite Battle Royale a 9/10. If you have not tried the game yourself, gather your friends and give it a go! I doubt you will be disappointed.

Kristina Colon is the Vice President of the Video Game Club at Holy Family University. When she is not writing or reading good novels, she enjoys playing her favorite games on PlayStation 4, such as Battlefield 1, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto 5 and many more.