Music Review

How Sweet Is Ariana Grande’s Sweetener?

By Keisha Anne Roge

A Sweet Introduction to Sweetener

Pop singer Ariana Grande has recently come out with a new album, Sweetener. Being her fourth album, Sweetener appears to have received more attention than any of her previous albums. Grande includes many valuable and inspiring messages through her songs on this album, which displays messages that despite how many hard days you go through or however many scars you develop through obstacles that life throws your way, a lot of strength tends to come with those storms. The album holds a total of 15 tracks and features many well known artists.

Sweetener and Its Sweet Inspiration

Grande has experienced some very difficult moments this year. One of the hardest experiences would be her performance in Manchester, England back in May. While fans were coming to see her for a memorable night, a terrorist attack left 22 people dead and hundreds injured. This incident was so difficult to cope with that Grande thought about never performing again. To reflect on the incident in a positive way, she organized a benefit concert where the proceeds were to be received by the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

Sweetener is Grande’s first album since the her Manchester concert. It shows through out the album, as she sings with more honesty and gives her an image that shows her being more powerful than any of her other albums have. The toughest moments in life have a way of bringing out the most powerful side of our true selves. In this album, Grande allows herself to just take things as they come and overcome the obstacles that attempt to get in her way. She tends to allow the low-key joy of the title track make its way across the album. The best parts of Sweetener show that her heart is searching for hope and new love.

Another hard moment for Ariana was Mac Miller’s death. In 2013, Mac and Ariana came out with the song, The Way. They were in a relationship that lasted from 2016 until May  2018. The amazing rapper, Miller, passed away on September 7 2018. The cause of his death was a drug overdose. It was extremely hard for Ariana because many people accused her of leading him to his overdose. Being attacked on social media by Miller fans after his death forced Grande to want some space from the public eye.

Sweetener and Grande Fans

Fans who are into the usual Ariana Grande pop hits may not be so into Sweetener, but the album is everything an Arianator should want. It is full of great beats, honesty, and, incredible vocals. Grande found a way to break through her struggles and make this album one that you may get a great vibe from no matter how you’re feeling. Sweetener is seriously Ariana Grande’s sweetest way of showing herself appreciating the strength she found inside herself through her struggles and moments of darkness in 2018.

Sweetener definitely shows Grande becoming more focused on bettering herself, her life, and her career. Her fans can tell that managing to be successful clearly is not rocket science for the pop star. She managed to score eight Billboard Top 10s within just three  years. Sweetener displays her reaction to the many obstacles she has overcome over the years.

About The Songs

Each song featured in the album displays inspiration in one way or another. “No Tears Left to Cry,” shows Grande feeling strong, resilient, and a great deal of happiness. The other tracks appear to give listeners a similar idea.

Another song that stands out in the album is “Get Well Soon”, this song ends with 40 seconds of silence. The purpose of this silence is to honor the victims of the Manchester incident. Grande focuses on the idea of finding herself after that painful chapter of her life.

The entire album is full of encouragement. She uses this album to fill listeners with the idea that they too have the ability to overcome difficult obstacles and moments of weakness. Each song displayed in the album has the power to relate listeners in some way.

About Ariana Grande and Her Sweet Success

Ariana Grande has been one known as of the most well known pop stars in the world.  Her music regularly tops the charts. She’s toured around the world, and she’s had multiple starring roles in hit TV shows. She has earned herself so much respect among her peers and a high amount of fans, but it’s also brought a sweet income to her life.

Celebrity Net Worth states that Grande is worth nearly $45 million dollars. Being only 24 and achieving that amount is not at all an easy task, but considering she’s been in the entertainment business for more than 10 years, she’s definitely put in the necessary effort to successfully arrive to where she is today.

Grande began her business at the age of 14 and with very little money. Starring as Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon’s Victorious opposite Victoria Justice, her popular role earned her a great fan base that helped with taking her career further. Her teen idol status was not in Victorious. She has also appeared on other show’s on the network, including iCarlyWinx Club, and Sam & Cat.

Her character in the shows always seemed to stand out more than anyone in the shows. She had that wild, happy, adorable character role. As a singer, her vocals also help her stand out compared to any of her peers.