Video Game Review

Slime Rancher: The Most Adorable Game Updated

By Jessica Bruzzese

Monomi Park are the creators of the video game, Slime Rancher. The game was first released in 2016 as a beta game (meaning it was released early, but the full development of the game is still being worked on). It was fully released a year later and focuses on the setting of an alien planet.  In the game, the players avatar is a rancher who took a job millions of miles away from Earth to learn and explore another planet.

The game is easy to understand and enjoyable for single players. The player can collect a variety of Slimes (cute creatures that live among the planet) and keep them in their own personal ranch. Your avatar can also collect plorts, which is Slimes’ “gifts.” Players want to collect as many plorts as possible because you can exchange them for money, to expand your ranch (gardens, food growth, and room for different creations of slimes).

In the final release of the game, the creators added more slots to the plort collectors (this is the machine you get money from, when you give in your plorts). These plorts are of different values, and five of the new ones will contain new Slimes that the player can find and collect. Another machine will teleport you to different areas around the game, including taking you home to your ranch. This is helpful when trying to find new slimes because you can get to different area’s quicker.

Additionally, they added three treasure areas that have been left behind, and players will need to unlock certain items to help unlock the pods.  While new Slimes have been added, they also created toys that the little creatures get to play with. They even added new missions, which you need to accomplish to advance in the game. A few of them are a little confusing, but players can look online for support in figuring it out.

Personally, I like that the game is so user focused. You control so much and create your own little world. I like that you can trade Slimes, food, chickens, and some missions are timed, which can get your heart racing. Also, players can eventually upgrade their ranches, but it costs a lot of money. The graphics are beautiful, the Slimes look adorable, and the whole game has a goofy, fun feel to it.  I have not experienced any lags in the game.

The game does have a lot of room for improvement. For examples, it can be difficult to find the new Slimes, and even though a player can teleport, there is no map to show teleport locations. In the second release, they did update the navigation, but it is very difficult to use.  I also believe that the developers should make it easier to expand your ranch, so creating a faster way to collect larger amounts of money.

Once you get into playing the game it is entertaining, and the plot/ending makes it worth playing.  Even though the game needs improvement, I still give it an B+.