September Art Gallery: The Lauren Scavo Experience



By Dominique Simpson

On Monday, October 1 the Holy Family University Art Gallery welcomed landscape artist Lauren Scavo as she presented “Environment” a collection of works on papert. As a Fine Arts student from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Scavo depicts the barren landscapes of western Pennsylvania into detailed black and white charcoal drawings.

“The (landscapes) are both universal and personal; they are intertwined in both individual lives and collective histories, and are historically and culturally relevant in the art community and in the larger world. Though they are constantly changing, they are ever-present” said Scavo.

As a native of the greater Pittsburgh area, Scavo described how there is plenty of inspiration around her, whether that be a trashcan in front of a forest, or the ground after a magnificent rainfall. Scavo sees the inspiration in both the landscape for its natural, yet man-made detail, and in the charcoal she uses, for it is “messy and hard to control.”

Each one of Scavo’s pieces are unique for their individual landscapes but also for them being small-scale works. She believes this causes an intimate feeling and elicits unique emotion with the theme of absence. She begins each project by taking a black and white photo with her phone. She then can spend up to four or five hours completing a single piece.

In the third year of her Masters studies, Scavo is looking to branch out. She plans to do her thesis project on the charcoal pieces.