Video Game Review

Under Tale Has a Sequel

By Jessica Bruzzese

Toby Fox is the developer of Under Tale, and he recently created its sequel called Delta Rune. Under Tale was originally released in 2015. The sequel was released at the beginning of this month. You go through the game between one and two team members (Susie and Ralsei) depending on who you are playing as.

The game is worth playing for fans that have played Under Tale. It has amazing humor and funny characters. Players start off as humans in a school with monsters. Since the character slept late, when he arrives they are picking partners for their class project. You and the other character get into a dispute because you saw them eat chalk and they do not want to be expelled. Then, the character and the class mate goes to get an item from the closet, and they get transported to the dark castle. It is their destiny, along with Ralsei, to stop the second tower of darkness from causing chaos. One of the characters called Susie does not know how to be nice to others and joins the bad guy team (Lance’s team). She seems to be more of a misunderstood character then an actual mean character.

As you go through the game, there is a pacifist route to follow with help by Ralsei. There could be a genocide route like in Under Tale, but there are some characters you would not be able to kill so it would be a neutral ending. There are actions that you can do to them instead of the enemies when trying to pacify them. In the beginning, which was very cute, you were able to hug him instead of the dummy doll.

There are many puzzles that need to be solved throughout the game, where there are hints as you walk along. When they arrive at the castle they are arrested because they are “lighters” going into the “darkers” castle. Lancer has you all trapped in the dungeon because he does not want them to fight his father and have everyone die. When you go to fight the king, he does not see talking as an option. This is similar to Under Tale, where you have to fight Asgore and he destroys the mercy button. They both do not want to fight by they have to for their kingdoms. After stopping the king and sealing the second dark fountain, they are sent back to the school. If you go back to the last save file before fighting the king, you are able to fight a secret boss after collecting the third missing piece of the broken key. This will need to be fixed to be able to get into the prison cell. I heard before playing this game that this secret boss is harder than sans fight in the genocide route in Under Tale.

What I like about the game is that it does a good job transitioning from the school class room to where they are teleported for the rest of the game. Also, that you have more than one person on the team, meaning the character that you play as. One of the enemies that jumps at you are these fluff bunnies. When air is blown against them they turn into tiny bunnies which are just precious. Even though there are old characters from the first game, it is not based around them throughout the game. There are many new characters that are introduced. Even if they are enemies that you face, it is nice to meet new ones.

Another thing I like is that even though Lancer is supposed to be the bad guy, he just seems really goofy and just wants to have harmless fun. What I like that is different from the first game is that they have a different art style to them. After getting to the castle it was nice to see that Susie was finally coming around on being nice to others because she made friends with Lancer. When you are in the prison cell, you are able to eat moss that is growing on the floor and put on shackles. When you talk to Raslei, his dialogue is perfect if you do those things before talking to him. What I liked was at the end of the game you were allowed to walk around the town you are in to talk to some of the old characters.

One thing I do not like is that Susie seems to act all tough because she has no friends. The Prince of Darkness wants to be friends with your character and Susie. She does not seem to be all too interested in being nice to others. By the time I reached half way through the game, I decided it would have been nice to see more of the old characters than just five minutes. One thing that I wished they let us do was go see Papyrus because he was one of the lovable characters from the last game.

For people who have played and loved Under Tale this is the sequel for you. If you have not played Under Tale, you can still play this game without being confused since it has a different story line. If you enjoy the game play of Delta Rune you should go and check out Under Tale and give that game a shot. Under Tale cost about $10 but Delta Rune is free to download. I give the game a 9 out of 10. I did not see many problems with my first play through the game in chapter one, but I wish they would of let us see Papyrus. I am also excited for chapter two because of how chapter one ended.