The “Don” of Careers

By Jennea Coleman-Cubero

From freshmen to senior year, every student has a daily dose of wondering about the future and what they will do. In some cases, students end up struggling with reaching his or her goals or even knowing what they want to do in the first place. This is not because of laziness or procrastination. Mainly, they have no idea on where to start, what to do, or how to do it. Fortunately for Holy Family’s students and alumni, there is its Career Center Director, Don Brom.

Having been an undecided major in Saint Mary’s College of Lake Michigan, Brom had discovered his career path through his experience as a prefect.

“A prefect is an R.A. for the high school that’s on campus,” Brom explained. “It was an all-male high school that had asked me to be a prefect which I would take control of one floor. While what I had realized, and I didn’t notice that people needed jobs in the summertime and were coming to me for resumes and the application process and advice. So, I was getting into that and felt like I was making headways with them. And making a difference in their lives.”

Afterwards, Brom moved to Philadelphia in 1987 and gaining degrees in counseling, higher education and vocational tracks. Now at Holy Family University, he has hosted a bevy of events.

Back in October, he presented on successfully planning a vocation. There is also an assessment where students and alumni could discover their Meyer-Briggs personality to help find a better field. This assessment is quite meaningful to Brom.

“Moving forward, you should make sure that you’re in the right field,” he said. ” Some people are not, and they think they are because they get influenced by their mom and dad, which is wrong. You know, they have to live their own life, you know. Getting the right assessment is important, because people want to graduate in four years. Not being a lifetime student.”

In January, there will be sessions for Psychology and Criminal Justice students with local employers for networking and interview preparation.

The future may seem so far away now, but Brom doesn’t suggest waiting.

“Start your career planning early. It’s never too late to dwell up a successful vocational plan.”

College students, and even alumni, struggle greatly with what tomorrow will bring. However, with help from people such as Don Brom, one can truly make it into the real world.