Video Game Review

Dinosaur Business Tycoon

By Jessica Bruzzese

Frontier Developments are the creators behind World Evolution, which is a game where players run multiple islands with dinosaurs. Jurassic World Evolution was released June 2018. The game can be played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In the game, players are put in charge of the different islands, each one with different challenges that make it difficult to run the islands. An island can start players off bankrupt, making it very hard to make dinosaurs and have different buildings that are needed. Plus, there can be storms that scare the dinosaurs into rampaging or other unpredictable behavior.

This game is worthwhile to anyone that is interested in both dinosaurs and being a business tycoon. There are different buildings that benefit the player and buildings that bring in more tourists to make the island more money. For the player, there is the ranger station, the expedition center, fossil center, research centers, ACU center, Hammond creation lab, and small power station. For the guests, there is a clothing shop, fast food, science center, a hotel, and a bowling alley for entertainment.

It is the player’s choice whether or not to make two big separate habitats for the plant and meat eaters. The dinosaurs do not like to be overcrowded, and it can cause them to break through the gate. Within each island there are discovery of different dinosaurs. Each island can have different dinosaurs on display instead of always having the first few that are the cheapest.

The ranger station allows the player to fix different things that are broken, like fences and buildings. Also, the ranger station heals dinosaurs that get into fights and get injured. The expedition center allows the finding of new dinosaurs that can be added to the park. The fossil center is where the DNA from the fossils are extracted and added to the amount of DNA that had already been collected of that dinosaur. The research center allows the player to find new cures for different diseases that the dinosaurs contract, as well as different upgrades for the buildings.

The ACU center allows the player to knock out an escaped dinosaur and return it to its proper habitat, and in addition it can remove any dinosaur that has died. The Hammond Creation Lab is where the dinosaurs are incubated to be released into the habitats. Using the expedition building, this allows the character to find dinosaur fossils. When a fossil gets up past 70% it can be incubated or if 100% where it can be modified. Each modification makes the dinosaur more expensive, and it gains different traits and colors depending on the pattern that is chosen.

The game graphics are excellent and with each island having its own challenges, being a tycoon doesn’t appear as simple as one might think. Also, the game brings in two of the hybrids from the different movies, and these react unpredictable if put with other dinosaurs.

This game requires powerful enough graphics capabilities on the computer. Also, in the game when trying to use the ranger station, it takes them forever to either get to the gate to repair it or to heal the dinosaurs with medication. Because it takes the AI forever, the dinosaurs can escape or die because they were not able to get there fast enough.

People that are familiar with Business Tycoon or Civilization will like this game as well. Most people might not be interested in a dinosaur game because they would think it is too childish, which it is completely not since it needs strategy and fast thinking at certain times as when the dinosaurs escape or fight. If you give it a try, you will see how challenging and fun the game can be. There is room for the game to improve, but I still give the game an 8 out of 10 rating.