Holy Family Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter: Collegiate Challenge Laredo, TX

By James M. Ross

On Monday, March 11, Holy Family’s Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter participated in the Collegiate Challenge in Laredo, Texas. The challenge involved student volunteers working together to build homes for those in need.

A total of 25 students participated in the five-day challenge. From landscaping to installing insulation, each day consisted of eight hours of construction for five straight days. The students finished the first project faster than they anticipated, and after day two, students began work on another home located on the border of the Rio Grande River.

Jennifer Peters, a senior communications major, described the building process as uniquely personal and one that must be experienced for yourself.

“One of the greatest ideals that we preach on this trip is ‘challenge by choice.’ So, if by some chance someone doesn’t want to use a pneumatic nail gun but would much rather take measurements, we encourage that. We want everyone to have that life changing experience that returners and alumni talk about,” Peters said.

Habitat for Humanity renovates existing homes in many communities, predominantly in urban areas. The organization seeks to put God’s love into action, by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.

“There really is a great camaraderie within the Habitat group,” Peters said. “Throughout the year but most specifically the trip is where we truly do become a family. Being able to collaborate with all of my fellow Habitaters during this trip and past ones create friendships with people, I probably wouldn’t have talked to but will also be lifelong friends.”