Northeast Cycle: An Inviting Place to Get into Gear

Northeast Cycle, one of Northeast Philadelphia’s first cycling studio, opened early in the summertime, and it is making quite the debut in our area.  While some spin classes have a reputation for attracting some snobby fitness freaks clad in their expensive workout gear, Northeast Cycle is different.  It is our area’s own version of the exercise phenomenon taking America by storm.  Northeast Cycle is conveniently located at 9910 Frankford Avenue, right around the corner from Holy Family University. 

First off, Northeast Cycle is a place for anyone looking for a good workout that is not intimidating – man, woman, young, or old.  It doesn’t matter who you are, but what kind of class you come to Northeast Cycle to take.  You can sign up on their website and pick from a variety of classes ranging from morning to night, seven days a week. The classes range from 30 minutes to an hour, and they also have classes for beginners or people who have never done a spin class before.  Therefore, do not be discouraged!

The owner of Northeast Cycle, Dana, was also our instructor for a beginner’s class.  She welcomed everyone at the door for her class, while asking if anyone had any questions, and telling the group that there were extra waters and towels for us in the back. 

Dana explained that she loved cycling, but she realized that there were none in the Northeast.  She fixed her own problem and decided to open Northeast Cycle.  Dana taught us all how to handle our bikes.

Once Dana made sure everyone was settled, she shut the lights off, and we began our class.   Dana explained that one of the worst things you can do is watch yourself exercise, which is why she decides to turn the lights off at the beginning of every class. She emphasized that riders were here to have fun and get a good workout, and if you needed to go at your own pace, go for it. 

She began with some modern pop music to get our blood flowing, and after a warm up, the song changed to something faster and upbeat.  Dana then instructed the group to stand on the bikes while pedaling with arms our straight.  Throughout the class, she did a variety of these moves. Whether up and down or side to side, she kept everyone moving to the pace of the song playing. 

Do you like technology? Bikes have their own screens where you can see your speed, heart rate, and effort.  Data is then sent to your email address that you provide when you create an account on their website. Additionally, data from your bike is projected onto their TVs to show how you are syncing up with the song that is playing. 

However, the whole class was not constantly fast paced.  Dana told the class to slow down movements when the songs slowed down in order to catch breath, sip some water, and wipe away sweat.  The best part of the class is that you are never felt like you are going too fast or too slow – just go at your own pace and have a good time.            

Overall, Northeast Cycle earns an A-.  While their atmosphere is welcoming and nonjudgmental, it is also quite pricey, especially for college students.  Classes are $15 each, and there are class packages that you can purchase on their website. These packages come in five or ten classes, and range from $70 to $120.  You can also buy a monthly package for $105 and go to an unlimited number of classes anytime. 

However,  there are always discounts available on their facebook page, and all cyclists’ first class is free! They have a schedule of classes available to suit just about any schedule, but drop ins are also welcomed if seats are still open. So, saddle up and find out how much you love Northeast Cycle.

By Kiley Barker. Kiley, a senior, is indecisive about life, yet confident when it comes to her love for the English language, especially during “Words with Friends” games.