Pod Cast Review

Pod-worthy Pursuits

Podcasts are a growing medium were information can be quickly produced and distributed to the masses. College students are always looking out for another way to consume what they are learning in their classes. These podcasts will help you explore your major and have some fun along the way. Whatever school of study you are in there will be something here for you.

School of Arts and Sciences



The trailer says it all, we are taken on a trip as a first-time reader of Harry Potter reads and talks about several chapters at a time. The shows go into detail about each book chapter by chapter. This is a great series if you are a lover of the Harry Potter series, or if you have not read them yourself yet!


TED Radio Hour

This is TED talks for the mobile user. There are so many episodes on various topics that cover different scientific fields of study. Since there is no consecutive order to the episodes you can pick up and listen to any topic that may be interesting to you.

School of Education


Archer’s TNT Classroom

Joe Archer gives his perspective on the way the classroom can be managed. As a future educator, listening to Joe talk about his techniques and experiences in the classroom have become a valuable resource. If you are a future educator, I would strongly suggest giving him a listen.


The ISWA Podcast

This is an Australian podcast, but education is a universal topic. Each episode gives specific detailed experience (as detailed as you can get) about students and the teachers. Just hearing the stories will help any future educator gain context and perhaps inspire you to continue with you career path.

School of Nursing and Allied Health Professionals


Nursing Rx

Maria and Brooklyn take you through some of their experiences in nursing school and in life in general. They share their experiences and struggles while being sweet and relatable! If you plan on being a nurse and want to relax, I would suggest listening to Nursing Rx.


Millennial Nursing

The host shares her experiences through school and professional life. She gives representation to the babies that were born in the 1990’s, the millennials. Not only does she share her experiences, but she also covers topics that you might study in your courses!

School of Business Administration


WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women

Each episode covers a different story about a successful woman and how they got to the top of their game. There are so many stories that are from around the world, so there are a lot of different worldly perspectives and experiences. It’s always inspiring to hear stories of how people made it to the top of their field, and they are sure to inspire you.


Planet Money

With over 300 episodes to listen to there is a topic for every line of work in the school of business! Each episode goes over a different aspect of the money world, from the music industry all the way to Instagram advertising! If you want to dive into a new topic this is a great jumping point!

Each of these podcasts are just the beginning of a world of audio information that is available out there on the internet. Hopefully, I helped you find a show that fits your interests and needs.

By David Van Dewater. He is a Secondary education, with a focus in English, major at Holy Family University. He is the co-founder and producer of Struggle City Podcast, found on Spotify.

Feature image source: iStock