TV Review

Tall Girl: Relatable for All Heights

The 2019 Netflix original film Tall Girl, written by Sam Wolfson and directed by Nzingha Stewart, elevates the movie going experience. It was released September 13th 2019, and filmed on location in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

With the help of her two best friends Fareeda and Jack, Jodi, 16 years old and six-foot one and a half, comes out of her shell. Plus, with the arrival of the Swedish exchange student Stig, Jodi puts her sights on him. After being asked for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, “How is the weather up there?” Both Fareeda and Jack do their best to comfort her by saying, “Let your freak flag fly.” Jack supports her by saying, “Jodi. you need to stand up and say that you love all 73 inches of yourself and be okay with that.”  

Former Disney Star singer/songwriter Sabrina Carpenter, who plays Harper Kramer, got her start on Girl Meets World as Maya Heart. Carpenter does a wonderful job with her role as Harper, playing the individual, but her character takes the time to give her younger sister the love she needs.  Paris Berelc plays Sky. Berelc got her start on the Disney XD show Mighty Med as Skylar.

Paris’s character Sky is a non-stereotypical popular girl who can like someone for not just looks but personality as well. Griffin Gluck, who plays Jack, got his start on the two season drama/special of the Red Band Society as the main character Charlie. Gluck’s character Jack Dunkleman is the supportive best friend who is going to be there for you and remind you that he is there and loves you no matter what.

Ava Michelle plays Tall Girl’s main character Jodi Kramer, who has a strong trained background in Contemporary, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, and Tap. Michelle had recurring appearances on Dance Moms, Seasons 4-6. Michelle has also appeared on So You Think You Can Dance Next Generation, where she spoke very honestly about the effects of social media, bullying and her personal struggles.

She is known for her height, standing beautiful and proud over six feet. She encourages many to accept their differences is very passionate about using her platform to bring more awareness to self love and less attention to bullies. Michelle’s character Jodi is the version of us from the period of our lives when we were bullied, trying to find a way to fit in and staying under the radar. 

I give this movie a B+ for cinematography, music and acting. Highly recommend this to watch when you need inspiration.

By Meggie Farber. She is a senior English Major here at HFU enjoys writing.