Tigers That Roar: Sex Signals

On Wednesday, September 25, 2019, there was an opportunity to sit in on a comedy special at Holy Family University. Title IX/Tigers That Roar: Sex Signals was hosted by Marianne Price, Title IX Coordinator.

The special educated students and discussed pressing issues occurring both on and off campus, such as consent, healthy relationships/friendships, sexual literature/terms/identity/orientation, rape, and the resources that are readily available to students. The atmosphere was extremely warm, inviting, and friendly containing judgement free conversation and respect for others.

Ann and David, the touring educators and actors, performed impeccably using improv to show examples of circumstances that could occur on and off campus. They showed students how to behave and how not to behave in healthy relationships, what consent is, and why it is so important. Most importantly: both men and women are victims of non-consensual circumstances.

The audience was able to play along which made the special interactive and interesting to follow. Examples of improv performed were stereotypes, pros versus cons of relationships, how alcohol and drugs can misconstrue consent, objectifying the opposite sex, double standards for both men and women, and feeling uncomfortable in certain circumstances.

The touring educator and actor Ann added, “We all live in the same culture, and experience different types of power in this said culture, that’s why it is important to make consent the norm, and our goal is to allow people who attend to continue the conversation after they leave.”

The actors not only performed improv, but they also gave the students advice and tips on what to do when situations when blurred consent occurs, resources, support, and interventions for those in need. The resources offered on campus can be utilized freely at the campus center, and a website for further referencing called provides additional resources.

Students who attended received free Holy Family apparel and put their name in for a raffle to win a $100 gift card. Snacks and refreshments were offered as well. 

Kyana Zayas, a first-year English major, stated, “I came for a friend because I found the topic interesting and for support, and I left here learning and acknowledging now that this issue of consent affects everyone and the victim can be anyone.”

Following the comedy special and discussion, a survey about the event was issued, and each student anonymously filled it out and handed it in. David, Anne, and Marianne Price hung out for a while to take photos and answer questions. If you missed this special this time around, you should consider attending next time in order to gain more knowledge and spread the word about consent and the mixed signals surrounding the issue.

By Nicolina Vega. She is a Secondary Education English major at Holy Family University.