The Tigers Roar to a Hoops Win!

They shoot, they roar, and they win! Holy Family’s men’s basketball team wins the game 77 to 69 in an exhilarating home game against Wilmington University on January 9, 2020. 

This game had the crowd on the edge of their seats and cheering from excitement. Brandon Aughburns scored 18 points. Aughburns said, “To prepare for the game we normally limit the amounts of points from their best player to score, we did that by having someone guard him in a box and run which denies full court denial of him touching the ball.” 

Brenden Hoban  and Eric Esposito both scored 16 points in the game. The Tigers also got contributions from Devon Moore who grinded for 15 points. 

Before halftime, the competition was getting intense with the Tigers up by 8 points. As the second half started, the Tigers were pumped and ready to bring home a W. 

With an exhilarating fourth quarter, the Tigers maintained the lead and won the game 77 to 69!

By Jade Williams and Desiree Draper

Desiree is a class of 2023 Physical Therapy major and track team distance runner.

Jade is a class of 2023 Nursing major, who dreams of becoming a midwife after graduation.