Creative Corner

Creative Corner: Angela Morrison, Student and Poet

At Tri-Lite, we are partnering with HFU’s literary magazine Folio for a new feature: Creative Corner. We will feature student creative writing that has been submitted to Folio for publication.

Angela Morrison’s poem “Winter in the City” is our first piece.

The Tri-Lite Faculty Moderators noted this about Angela’s poem: “In an imagistic contemplation of the brutality of Philadelphia’s winters, Morrison masters in this poem the art of the “turn;” the final line casts a new reading on the imagery that precedes it, forcing the reader to consider imagery as having ethical resonance. To what extent have we lost track–of one another, of our values, of a sense of our community as capable of growth? Morrison’s poem is one to revisit and sit with as it asks a simple yet searing question about collective identity. How long will we continue to turn away from the “systematic symptoms [that] surround us?” Morrison hopes we will face the music, and soon.”

“Winter in the City”

Pockmarked snow
reveals diseased design
Hard concrete
and the cold mold as lovers,
radiating anything but
comfort. Black snow,
sludge on streets,
systematic symptoms surround us.

Hostile architecture
wages war against
the side already losing.
Coupled with cold,
winter wilts wistful illusions.

Gray skies, gray smoke
black snow and white
Where is our morality?

Angela Morrison is a junior Secondary Education – English major at Holy Family University. Angela previously had a deep passion for writing in elementary and middle school that took a backseat while she pursued the fine arts, and she is slowly becoming reengaged with the world of writing. Outside of these hobbies, Angela can be found hiking with her dog, kayaking, reading, or napping with her cats.