Virtual Learning Tips

Online classes can create some unique challenges compared to traditional in-person classes.  Here are some tips to surviving virtual learning and help with focus, motivation, and productivity.

1. Create a regular study space and stay organized. Be sure you have:

a. High speed internet

b. All required course materials

c. Headphones, a microphone, and a camera

2. Eliminate distractions.

a. Inform your family that you are “in class.”

b. Turn off other electronic devices.

c. Have a clean workspace with ample light.

d. Set reminders.

3. Make goals for yourself.

a. Monitor deadlines.

b. Log-in to class on-time.

c. Check in with professors.

d. Establish a daily routine.

4. Participate in your learning.

a. Ask questions and make comments.

b. Engage with classmates.

c. Study before assessments.

5. Take advantage of resources.

a. Seek out a tutor.

b. Ask for extra practice.

c. Look for online discussion forums with other classmates.

Robert F. Costello, III is the executive editor of Tri-Lite which is Holy Family University’s student run newspaper.  He is in his third year at HFU and is studying Secondary Education-English.  Robert loves to take trips to the beach during the summer and to watch Phillies games with friends and family.  His favorite kind of writing is persuasive because it gets the reader to think about both sides of an argument.