Draft Day Notes

The NFL draft is quickly approaching, and the Philadelphia Eagles will have a big decision to make once they are on the clock with the sixth overall pick. With the loss of players,  such as Carson Wentz, DeSean Jackson, and Alshon Jeffrey, the team will definitely be looking for a player who can make an immediate impact for a team that has struggled with drafting skill players in the past.

The Carson Wentz trade has made the Eagles pick go from a no-brainer, to a head-scratcher. When Wentz was still with the team, it seemed certain that the team would select a wide-receiver with the pick as there are many talented players at the position. Players such as Ja’Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, and 2020 Heisman winner Devonta Smith were all projected to be selected by the Eagles when they had their former franchise quarterback on the team.

However, the trade made some people believe that the team will go in a completely different direction. There was speculation going around the league that the team will attempt to draft their next franchise quarterback again with the sixth overall pick. 

When people think of quarterbacks in this year’s draft, they immediately think of Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who is basically a lock at the first overall pick, and will most likely be drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars. The other quarterbacks that may catch the attention of the Eagles are Justin Fields, Zach Wilson, and Trey Lance. Despite the rumors going around, it is being reported that Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie wants the team to stick with Jalen Hurts as their starting quarterback. No matter what happens, Fields, Wilson, and Lance have been turning heads and catching the attention of teams who are in desperate need of a quarterback and provide a spark to any offense immediately.

Speaking of offensive spark, how could anyone forget about Jalen Hurts? The second-round pick from the 2020 draft filled in for Carson Wentz at Lambeau Field and gave the offense the spark they needed to put up a fight for the rest of the season. Hurts is currently the top quarterback on the roster after the Carson Wentz trade, and their selection at the sixth overall pick will depend on how confident they feel towards the twenty-two year old quarterback. 

Will they draft an offensive weapon and surround him with talent, or will they draft a quarterback and make Hurts fight for the starting quarterback position for the upcoming year? To most fans, it sure looks like Jeffrey Lurie realized that the Jalen Hurts draft pick would be a waste if they were to draft a quarterback. Hurts is a second round pick, 2019 Heisman finalist, and a very talented player with a lot of promise. It will not sit right with Eagles fans seeing someone of his talent be stuck behind another quarterback for a second consecutive season. Many people know that the pick used on Hurts could have been used on another player who could fill a position that needs help. But instead, it has led us to the confusing “quarterback factory” that was created by General Manager Howie Roseman.

The moves that have been made by Howie Roseman have kept Eagles fans satisfied, and they also have not sat well with the passionate fanbase. This is the person that created the Super Bowl winning team, but his draft history has been simply awful. Roseman has drafted mediocre wide-receivers in the past and has passed up on star wide-receivers in the league such as Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill, DK Metcalf, and Justin Jefferson. Seeing these players have great success in the league has given Eagles fans nightmares, and it makes everyone wonder how Roseman still has his job with the team. 

He just has not been able to draft that one player to change this team around and bring them immediate success. The last person drafted by Roseman to have this impact on the team was Carson Wentz, and he was also the last Pro Bowler drafted by Roseman as well. This upcoming draft should be a wake up call to Roseman, as he now realizes that this team needs to start off the rebuilding process on a strong note.

The 2021 NFL Draft will show us what direction the Philadelphia Eagles are heading in for the future. There are so many talented players to the point where it feels like the team can’t go wrong with anyone they draft. However, from the draft selections we’ve seen before, this pick could be one that brings the team great success, or one that could yet again haunt the minds of Eagles fans for years to come.

Nicholas Holdofsky is a second-year English student.