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My Amazing Outside World

Whenever I leave my house during this pandemic, I get to engage with other people and appreciate the environment around me in the Northeast. The littlest things I enjoy are going to the movies, shopping, and sightseeing. Whenever I ask permission to go out, my parents would always say, “Nothing exciting is out there.” I find that very hard to believe. Nature is lovely and attractive, with beauties and wonders within it. Our home is just a place where we live. Whereas, home is our safe place that allows for us to live our life as a family, but the outside world relieves stress, gives us more freedom, and allows us to practice important life skills.

However, at home, I have done the same routine all over again. Wandering around the house and seeing the same old things every day is not what I call fun. It’s the relentless again-ness of everyday Traceyhood for me. Fixing my bed…again, folding the laundry…again, washing the dishes…again, listening to music…again and again and again. How exhausting! Although I am not searching for things to do, even though there are times where I do in order to help me avoid things that I actually need to do, but it becomes boring again. All of this doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy being at home. Home is great, believe me, but the outside world is filled with more excitement.

Furthermore, just to get this clear, I am only 19 years old, a freshman student here at Holy Family University. I live with my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Civil, and my older brother. Both of my parents are strict, which means I don’t get to have as much freedom as other people my age do. However, there are times I am able to go out with my friends. I wish that in those moments that I could hang out with them longer so that I don’t have to go back home. Like most teenagers, we would go to AMC Theaters or have an adventure in the city, visiting the famous “Love” sculpture while taking pictures. My favorite outing was visiting Longwood Gardens. The flowers and the view were really amazing. I loved observing and interacting with the world outside of my four walls. When I spend too much time indoors, I become too self-absorbed. When I spend time outdoors, I get a much broader perspective on life. I enjoy engaging with life outdoors.

Moreover, one specific thing that I admire about being outdoors is seeing, hearing, and feeling the world I’m a part of. Hearing music in the car hits me differently compared to listening at home: blasting the music with the windows down, feeling the breeze on my face and flowing air through my hair. The trees feel the same wind as I do. This is synergy with all of nature. These small moments are what make my world a happier place.

Overall, going outside and enjoying the fascinating outdoors is something that I truly enjoy. Who doesn’t love breathing in clean, fresh air while listening to the constant rumble of nature and smelling the aroma of roses? I am so grateful to have grown up in the Northeast where the possibilities of outside activities are endless. I have amazing friends, a beautiful car, and an incredible family, so what more could a girl ask for? I cherish the memories of jogging in the park at Valley Forge with my dad, riding my bike, and hanging out with my friends. However, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for my great adventures outdoors once the pandemic has ended. There’s plenty in my life that I want to accomplish in the outside world. I would love to see how life is like in California, Mexico, Morocco, and Jamaica. The list could go on. This excitement is exactly how I feel when I leave my home.

I am Tracey Civil. This is my first year here at Holy Family with Nursing Interest. I like to travel and take pictures.