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My COVID Playlist

When I’m driving, I like listening to RnB music and feel great because it sometimes improves my mood, gives me a sense of power, and uplifts my spirit. Listening to music has become very important to me, especially when this pandemic started. During stressful times like the pandemic, we all need something that can be distracting in our lives. Life has been very stressful for me, especially taking online classes. It’s very stressful not being in-person for classes, and this online learning is new. Music is my way of being stress-free, and it provides me with a total brain workout. Listening to music is very important to me because it motivates me and has made me the person that I am today. Whenever we listen to music, it makes us feel happy, safe and relieved from our worries. Music distracts us from thinking and stressing about everything that is happening around us. The genres that I like listening to daily which are RnB, Rap music, and Blues music.

One of the music genres that I like listening to would be RnB. What is RnB? RnB means Rhythm and Blues. For some apparent reason, I always feel calm whenever I listen to RnB music. Some of the RnB artists that I like listening to are Alicia Keys, The Weekend, Rihanna, and Mary J Blige. I like listening to artists like them because the lyrics that are in almost all of their songs are so touching to me.

Another type of music genre that I like listening to would be Rap music. Rap music is one of the popular genres that individuals love listening to in today’s society. Rap music is heard everywhere now a day including stores, parties, and clubs. I am one of those individuals who love listening to music especially when I have nothing to do. The love that I have for Rap music is unbreakable. Someone could try and stop me from listening to Rap music but won’t succeed. That’s how bad I love listening to Rap music. Few of the Rap artists that I like listening to are Nicki Minaj, Cardi b, and Drake. Rap artists like these people are the main reason why my love for rap music keeps increasing day by day because they’re so inspirational at the things that they did in the past and continue to do.

The last type of music genre that I like listening to would be Blues music. Blues music is favored by a huge amount of individuals including me. Some of the Blues music artists that I like listening to in my free time or when I need so alone time are Albert Collins, Koko Taylor, and Muddy Waters. I like listening to Blues music mainly when I am sad or just want some alone time with just me and nobody else. Listening to Blues music has made me realize that sometimes individuals need to be alone. Being alone at times isn’t bad and can be a good thing because humans need time to themselves sometimes. Being alone could help you to define the person that you truly are.

With a variety of musical platforms available for free, there are endless music genres that individuals like listening to, but for me, the three main music genres that I like listening to are RnB, Rap, and Blues. Living in the pandemic has been beneficial to me because it has reminded me of how important music is. When the pandemic first started, we couldn’t go anywhere but stay at home and that was when I began listening to music more. I started loving music because most of my favorite places were all shut down due to the spread of the virus, and all I could do was stay in the house. Music has been my best friend. Music has a way of making us forget about all of our struggles.

Hello! I’m Musu Golafalley, and I am a first-year student at HFU. I was born in Monrovia, Liberia in 2001. I have two sisters and two brothers.