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My Happy Place

If I had been prepared for the COVID-19 lockdown, the first place I would have thought to go to social distance would be an island with my family. I feel as though it would be best for my mental health to be in a warm, happy place rather than in my bed at home. The pandemic took a toll on many peoples’ mental health including my own. Hypothetically speaking, if I had been on a beach getting tan and isolated with my family, I do not think it would have affected my mental health. Being with family, especially in hard times, is a big help. If you ever hear about something that could potentially be a serious problem; always make sure to plan ahead of time!

            Going to Disney as a kid gave me an exciting feeling as a child, so I can only imagine being older and going to a hot, pretty island with my family. Spending time with family is one of my favorite things to do. Especially during these hard times, I feel as if the best thing to do right now is spending time with family. My family is big but not big enough that we would not be okay social distancing together on an island. We might be dysfunctional at times, so we would for sure make the best out of this difficult situation.

If I could choose an island to isolate on, it would be perfect. I would like the water to be crystal clear blue. The island would have plenty of fruits to eat while I lay out on the sand. The sand would be white and warm. I would prefer Bora Bora, The Bahamas, or Hawaii. Those are the top three islands I would like to go to. I think my family would agree to any of these options.

Jennifer Mertz is a first-year student at Holy Family.