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This pandemic has caused families to become closer than ever. It’s built bonds that were never there, and it taught people to value what you have. Because of this pandemic, my family has dinner all together once or twice a week. These circumstances have opened our eyes to cherish each other and to not take anything for granted: to be grateful for everything we have. The things that we thought were as important before this pandemic aren’t as important today. Social media is a big part of my college-age generation, but this pandemic has made it less important to me. When you realize you can do so many more things and get things done rather than wasting time scrolling, you might spend less time on it as well.

Quality time has become the most important during this pandemic. People my age say it’s a forced act, but my family has always been big on spending time together. It just made it more intimate and more of a priority than ever. One tradition my family has started and wants to continue even after the pandemic is having dinner together once or twice a week. It’s something we’ve made a priority within our family because we never know when it’s our last day living. There’s nothing better than spending time with those you love and cherish the most. It’s in those times you make memories and laugh the hardest.

This pandemic has taught us how to be clean and aware of our surroundings. Because of  Covid, we now carry hand sanitizer, mask, and wipes everywhere with us. Lysol was at it’s all time high this year because everyone needed it. Because of this pandemic, people are wary to be around other people or go anywhere. It’s become important during this time because everyone is trying to avoid getting sick. It’s actually the most important because every time you go out, you need to be cautious of what you touch and who you’re around.

Going through a time like this, social media has become less important. Our circumstances taught me that social media can be a big distraction and waste of time. There are more productive things to do than be stuck on your phone. It’s a great time to actually focus on myself and do things that’ll benefit me in the long run. Instead of being on your phone, spend time with family, study for school, go to the gym, and work on yourself. Social media has become so negative and depressing, it makes me not want to be on it as much.

I look at things that have changed drastically because of this pandemic. Knowing that tomorrow isn’t promised to anybody makes me want to go harder for myself and my family. I have parts of my life to be thankful for, especially since others have lost so much during this tough time.

Andrea Crespo is a first-year student at Holy Family.