Student Voice

I am glad to have the campus life that I missed freshman year because it was all online by meeting new friends on campus because it was harder to make friends but easier to do work when online. Also, communicating with the teachers is easier on campus if you have any issues or need extensions or help and the CAE- Center for Academic Enhancement. I am glad to have a quiet study area in the study rooms when they are opened for me to use outside the study rooms. I get too distracted with so many people around me.      

Some new activities and clubs I have done on campus are Drama Club and SBSA- Social Behavior Science Club. I was happy to join IDEA Club again but in person now. So I was happy to meet the people in that club and the people that run it. I loved last week participating in Christmas Rose- we practiced a lot and had a blast. I also loved going to a basketball game and a volleyball game after I finished all my work for that night for the next day. I also go to most of the Student Engagement planned things like trivia and do win it Thursday every week on Instagram. The activities I started doing at school where an ice cream social and Homecoming and a few soccer games like four.          

The hobbies, exercise/ creative interests I am into since before I came to HFU which I am still into is coloring when I get stressed and looking on social media. 

My name is Reva Mindel, and I am 19. I am excepted to graduate in 2024. My area of study is Psychology.