Creative Corner

Student Verse: ENGL 101BB

“The Big Change” by Ashley Cesar

When death rate become so high
People are just asking why
Now the city that never sleeps
Finally fell asleep
Now all you see is tears in their eyes

My name is Ashley Cesar, I am a freshman at HFU Majoring in Criminal Justice. I am seventeen years old, and from NYC. I moved to northeast Philadelphia summer of 2020 and attended Archbishop Ryan High School my senior year. I’m beyond excited to continue my education here at HFU and make new friends. Thank you for reading! ❤

“Best Dressed and Stressed” by Patriana Glynn

The sweet boy is always stressed
However, he is known to be the best dressed
The boy spends his days working in a suit store
By many, the boy is strongly adored
After many long days, the boy will strut home and rest

My name is Patriana Glynn, I am a first year student at Holy Family University. I am currently undecided and interested in majoring in criminal justice. I am 19 years old, and I was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia. I have attended New Foundations Charter School from kindergarten to 12th grade. I am excited to continue my education here at Holy Family University and see where this school takes me along the ride.

“The Steaks” by Ines Rivera

The best cheesesteaks are found in Philly
By a big guy named Billy
As soon as you take a bite
You will want to chug a Sprite
With some tortilla chips and chili

Hey! My name is Ines Rivera. I am 19 years old, from Costa Rica, and the youngest of three. I was born and raised in the Northeast section of Philadelphia. I am currently a freshman here at Holy Family University, majoring in Early Childhood Education. I attended Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls and now I am more than happy to advance my education at HFU!<3

“Brotherly Love” by Caitlyn Gilmour

I hear the ice cream trucks driving around
Man, I love living on these grounds
Living here makes me feel so loved
This is definitely the city of brotherly love
Now, I’m forever Philadelphia bound

My name is Caitlyn, and I’m a first year nursing major here at Holy Family. I am 18 years old, and I was born and raised right here in the city of brotherly love. I attended elementary and high school at Tacony Academy Charter School, and am beyond excited to continue my journey at HFU. Thanks for reading!

“Morning Breeze” by Wu Macon III

Morning breeze, I feel like like a red rose
Morning breeze, I feel like I might wear some new clothes
Do you like my blues flow?

Riding through Philly, loving my city
Riding through Philly, where it’s real gritty
I know my city is small but not itty bitty.

Philly is the best, Nothing like the rest
Philly is the best, where the city will put you to the test.
Philly is the city where if your blues poems are not good we will have you stressed.

My name is John “wu” Macon III. I am from North Philadelphia, currently living in Orlando, Florida. I am a freshman at Holy Family University . I’m currently undecided at the moment, but I would like to pursue physiology because I want to be able to help people and actually understand what they are going through. When being a physiologist, you learn to be a better communicator.

“Day Before” by Lawrence Gabriel

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day
And traditions we shall not betray
We give thanks for our meal
It’s a real big deal
And that’s all I got to say

My name is Lawrence Gabriel, I am a freshman at Holy Family University majoring in Biology. I am from Croydon, PA, but was basically raised in Trenton, NJ. I attended Conwell-Egan Catholic for all 4 years of my high school career. I’m excited to continue my education here at HFU.

“Sunny Morning” by Julia Stephan

As the lake glistens
Beams intense below shoreline
Stream waves welcomes me

My name is Julia Stephan, and I am 19 years old. I am a Freshman here at Holy Family University, and I am majoring in Marketing Management. I currently live in Medford, New Jersey, where I have lived my whole life. I have 3 brothers, Robbie, Jake, and Sam. I attend Shawnee High School where I played soccer all 4 years, and I am now playing soccer for the Holy Family Women’s Soccer team. I am very excited to see where my educational career at Holy Family will take me!