Holiday Traditions

My favorite holiday activity is Secret Santa due to the fact that it is very special, and you are able to give meaningful gifts to friends and family. –Ashley Cesar, Class of 2025

My favorite holiday movie is Elf. Elf is my favorite holiday movie because it was the first Christmas movie I watched as a kid. Since the first time I watched it, my family and I watch it every year as a tradition. –Patriana Glynn, Class of 2025 

Home Alone is my favorite Christmas movie because it has comedy and family together. I enjoy watching it with my family while we’re eating warm cookies. –Shaunajah Davis, class of 2025

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is my favorite Christmas movie because it’s a great classic movie that everyone can watch  with their family. –Junxiang Li, Class of 2025

Baking cakes and sharing them with my friends and loved ones is my favorite holiday activity because this activity helps me feel the joy of the holiday and at the same time share happiness with people. –Manija Bakhriddinova, Class of 2025