Creative Corner

Student Verse: ENGL 101CC

“Great France” by Tiffanique Findley

Across in Faraway France
Where the people love to dance
Where people dine
The children cry and whine
Everything is filled with chance.

My name is Tiffanique Findley also known as Tiff. I am a freshman majoring in nursing with hopes of graduating in the year 2025. My career goal is to be a Registered Nurse after graduation. I may or may not further my career in the years to come. A few of my hobbies include spending time with my dog Rexx who is a chihuahua mix, listening to music and watching movies. My favorite movie includes the Twilight Series. I have an impeccable knowledge of every scene word for word.

“The Harsh Life of a Blues Man” by Joshua Lubin

The World is Yours
The World is Yours
You should always  live your life to the fullest

Life is filled with  ups and downs
Life is filled with ups and downs
That is the reason we are set in this earth

In this world we come and go
In this world we come and go
I live life to  the fullest so I don’t  mind letting go.

My name is Joshua Lubin. I was born in North Philadelphia and raised in Northeast Philadelphia. My mom gave birth to me at the age of 24.  I was born on May 19, 2003. I went to school at Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School. An amazing fact about me is that I attended Sankofa Freedom academy charter school from 2nd grade to 12th grade.  I go to Holy Family University and will graduate in the year of 2025.

“Brotherly Love” by Kendall Smith

As we walk the small streets,
We listen to the tourist meets
The sun is shining
And the kids are whining
Until the cheesesteaks they eat

My name is Kendall Nicole Smith, and I am a Freshman at Holy Family University majoring in Nursing. I am from Northeast Philadelphia, born and raised my whole 18 years of life. I graduated from Franklin Towne Charter High School in Bridesburg. Growing up, I was lucky enough to live in the same house my whole life. I am an only child who lives with her Mother. My Father passed away, which gives me ambition and drive everyday.

“The life” by Skylar Spain

Laying in the sand
Getting a tan
The sun beating down
Never wanting to leave the hot ground
Loving this beautiful land

My name is Skylar Spain, and I am from Levittown, PA born and raised. I went to Neshaminy High School and now attend college at Holy Family University. I am a freshman planning on studying radiology and becoming a MRI tech in the future. I am 18 years old and have lived with both my parents and my brother my whole life.

“Loneliness” by Matthew Palmer

All alone in a big house.
No friends and family.
Wanting to come home sometimes.

My name is Matthew Palmer, and I was born and raised in northeast Philadelphia, PA. I am 19 years old, and I am a freshman at Holy Family University. I am studying psychology, and I hope I can become a sports psychologist in the future. On my time, I like to workout, play basketball, and even do karate. I am a second degree black belt in karate and have been doing karate for more than 10 years.

“Plane of Euthymia” by Junxiang Li

Thunder roar in sky
Eternal kingdom appear
Beauty and danger

My name Junxiang Li, and I’m a freshman student from Holy Family University. I was born in Japan on March 29, 2002, but I am a Chinese. Personally, I am very interested in Japanese culture. I immigrated to the United States with my family when I was fifteen. I completed high school (Oneonta High School and John Dewey High School) in the United States, and I am currently starting new journey in Holy Family University. I want make more friends, improve my English level, and wish may all the beauty in world be blessed.

“Philly Proud” by Alyssa Harris

Philly is home to the Birds
As the crowds gather in herds
As you walk the streets
Bird lovers you’ll meet
Loud and proud, let’s be heard

My name is Alyssa Harris, and I am a first year student at Holy Family studying Nursing. I was born and raised in Philadelphia my whole life. I attended The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush and Franklin Towne Charter High School. Throughout High School, I had played varsity softball (9th-10th grade) and varsity basketball (9th-11th grade).

“The Lady Blues” by Manija Bakhriddinova

On the chilly, slippery, and snowy day of winter
Ohh, on the chilly, slippery, and snowy day of  winter
I brought a heat like a sunshine to the world of my loved ones

Unfairness, poorness caught our family like a person with a chain in hand
Unfairness, poorness caught our family like a person with a chain in hand
Ooh, it was one of my horrible memories that  I never want to make documentaries

The last chance to survive was to depart
Ohh the last chance to survive was to depart
Leaving dark days behind, America is where we survived

The author of this poem is Manija Bakhriddinova, a freshman student at Holy Family University. She is planning to major in nursing. Manija was born and raised in Uzbekistan. She and her family migrated to the USA in 2018, and they live in Philadelphia. After taking English courses, Manija’s oral and written communication skills improved a lot which led her to write creative poems one of which is “The Lady Blues.”

“The Reality of Covid-19” by Alivia Padilla

Man oh man, what can I say about covid
This virus definitely exploded
Most people became homebodies
Most people become slim bodied
Like what the kids say today, covid-19 is not goated

My name is Alivia Padilla, and I grew up in Philadelphia, PA. I then moved to Levittown, PA in my 8th grade year. I always enjoyed playing sports such as soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. I’m currently a freshman and go to Holy Family University to pursue my future career in Radiology.

“Stand together” by Hetvi Patel

She and her family tested positive for corona
After a strong fight, they returned back to homa!
The year was rough
But we showed it we are tough
And she enjoyed the show of Cinderella!

Hetvi Patel (born March 14, 2003) grew up in India. In 2019, she moved to the United States with a dream of having a bright future. With a fresh start in the United States, she was able to finish high school graduating from Bensalem High School in 2021. Further, she went to Holy Family University for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She resides with her family in Bensalem, PA, U.S. She is thankful to God for giving such a beautiful life and blessing it with wonderful people and opportunities.