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The Red Hot Chili Peppers Take Over Philadelphia

Jumping around on stage, a guitar swinging in the air, and fireworks being set off in the distance, these were just some of the hijinks on display as The Red Hot Chili Peppers took the stage in Philadelphia. On a gorgeous and breezy night on September 3rd, 2022, the Red Hot Chili Peppers returned to Philadelphia for the first time in five years and performed at Citizens Bank Park. The opening shows for this concert were Thundercat and The Strokes as they both got this Philadelphia crowd rocking out from start to finish and kept the energy rolling until the Chili Peppers hit the stage.

Citizens Bank Park was flooded with 43,000 people in attendance to jam out with the band. The packed show gave everyone a preview of what would happen if the Phillies make a return to the playoffs in October as a sold-out Citizens Bank Park is rare to see. The large crowds surrounding the ballpark made it seem impossible to avoid bumping into somebody while walking or being stuck in a long line. Whether it was trying to buy the band’s merchandise, emptying your wallet for an overpriced beer, or trying not to lose patience in the bathroom line that is going out the door, everyone attending was more focused on the excitement that comes from seeing this band live.

The crowd erupted in cheers once the Chili Peppers hit the stage and the band had a very diverse set list planned for the audience. With songs ranging from the early ’90s, to the mid-2000s, and their new album this past year, they made sure this show connected with fans who have been committed to them throughout their life, and the fans who have just been introduced to them.

The concert started with Red Hot Chili Pepper’s bassist Flea strumming his bass with lots of power as “Around The World” was the first song for the night. With the crowd singing in unison, and the band jumping up and down like maniacs, the audience was receiving a preview of the excitement and craziness that was in store for them. They wrapped up the show with a performance of “By The Way.” With lyrics from this song that represented what the Philadelphia crowd saw before heading into the ballpark, the band wanted everyone to think about what led up to this special moment. “Standing in line to see the show tonight and there’s a light on, heavy glow.” The Red Hot Chili Peppers made sure their devoted fans were fired up to begin the show and also reflected on the experience they had towards the very end.

While popular songs made an appearance throughout the night such as “Dani California,” “Californication,” and “Give it Away,” there was also a cover of an Elton John song as well. John Frusciante, the guitarist for The Red Hot Chili Peppers, gave a beautiful rendition of Elton John’s “Your Song” that left everyone in Citizens Bank Park with goosebumps. The silence in the ballpark allowed Frusciante’s voice to echo from center field as people were in complete awe.

While critics constantly question their age and how they sound, this concert was proof that The Red Hot Chili Peppers still know how to put on an amazing show. This band, which has been rocking out since the ’80s, has never lost its touch once they step foot on that stage and also have a new album coming out in October. With questions popping up that have people trying to figure out when The Red Hot Chili Peppers will stop making music, it’s safe to say they will forever bring people together as they don’t plan on stopping that anytime soon.

Photo by John Vettese WXPN

Nicholas Holdofsky- Executive Editor for Tri-Lite and Senior at Holy Family University who is majoring in English.