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What is “Meg Ryan Fall?” The TikTok Trend & Future of Autumnal Fashion

Tweed blazers, teased voluminous hair, and the largest turtleneck you’ve ever seen… these are some of the key essentials to indulging in the viral TikTok fashion trend known as “Meg Ryan Fall” Though the three essentials are quite popular fashion statements throughout multiple decades… why now? What is so special about famed 1990s actress Meg Ryan? And, more importantly, what is a Meg Ryan Fall and how do I live one?

#MegRyanFall was first created on TikTok in September 2021 and has since amassed over 4.7 million views. A majority of the content posted under the adoring tag showcases young women posing in outfits they created that are based on Meg Ryan’s character Sally in the beloved 1989 romantic comedy, When Harry Met Sally. The film has become a staple of “Meg Ryan Fall” (MRF, for short), and is often incorporated into trending videos, usually in the auditory form. People of all ages will recite Ryan’s infamous heart-shattering New Year’s Eve monologue from the film while showing their best Sally cosplays.

Though When Harry Met Sally is an incredibly popular branch of MRF, Ryan’s other films also leave room for inspiration. The 1993 romantic comedy Sleepless in Seattle has also created some buzz in the hashtag, mainly in the form of a swiftly growing audio of some of Ryan’s most beloved lines from the film.

Now I know by this point many are wondering, “Well, how do I live like an idealized version of Meg Ryan this upcoming autumn?” There is so much content under the hashtag that it seems nearly impossible to decipher the do’s and don’ts of “Meg Ryan Fall.”

To help with your strife, I have perused the tag and listed below an authenticated checklist of eight things you can do to live the best version of a “Meg Ryan Fall”:

·                Find and wear the most oversized turtleneck you own (if it’s thrifted you get bonus points)

·                Drink a chai latte (or don’t, even just holding one looks cool and mysterious)

·                Read a book (preferably in the corner booth of a strange café)

·                Loafers galore, the more old man-like the better

·                Thrift a blazer

·                Don’t shy away from quirky clothing patterns, ESPECIALLY tweed

·                Indulge in the cheesiest romantic comedies you can stream!

·                Order an apple pie a la mode! (But it has to be heated. Also, don’t get the ice cream on top, get it on the side, and get strawberry instead of vanilla if they have it. If not, then don’t get ice cream, get whipped cream, but only if it’s real; if it’s out of the can then don’t get anything.)

Hopefully, this list can help you throughout your autumnal fashion journey, as MRF approaches. As the days pass, I see a love of tweed and loafers emerging on campus as more people succumb to the trend of “Meg Ryan Fall”. So, if you see me toddling around HFU’s campus clad in my squeaky clean loafers and large white turtleneck, just know that I too have accepted my fate, and decided to live my best “Meg Ryan Fall”

Susie DiPietro is a third-year English student.