Editor’s Note- Nicholas Holdofsky

Hello, and welcome to Tri-Lite! My name is Nicholas Holdofsky, and I am the Executive Editor for Tri-Lite. I am a Senior at Holy Family University and an English major. While working alongside Dr. Robert Ficociello, who is the Associate Professor of Writing and Assistant Dean, School of Arts and Sciences, we are excited to deliver you news and publish works from the creative minds of the students at Holy Family University.

Tri-Lite is open to any new ideas from the students. There are many different topics that you can write about for Tri-Lite. These topics include sports, current issues in the world, music, movies, and anything regarding Holy Family. Whether you have experience writing for a school newspaper, or no writing experience at all, Tri-Lite is open to any students that are interested in writing for it.

I can say from experience that writing for Tri-Lite has always been an enjoyable time for me. It has been something that I look forward to as writing about my favorite topics has always been a stress reliever for me. I am excited to share more of my work with everyone and see what the students at Holy Family have in store for Tri-Lite!

If you have any questions about Tri-Lite or want to know more information about it feel free to contact:
Nicholas Holdofsky- nholdofsky@holyfamily.edu
Dr. Robert Ficociello- rficociello@holyfamily.edu