Fallin’ on a Budget: 5 Ideas for a Phenomenal (but Affordable) Philly Fall

As the assignments start amping up and the semester speeds by, we college students may quickly become overwhelmed. Papers? We’re up to our eyeballs. Readings? Fingers crossed we get around to them. Midterms? Hang it up. By the time October rolls around, it feels as though we are totally submerged in our studies.

While we value our education and recognize that this is why we are at HFU, it is equally crucial that we are setting apart adequate time for self-care. What better way to practice self-care as summer draws to a close and pumpkin spice begins to permeate the air than to make festive memories with your loved ones and cultivate seasonal fun? And, oh boy, do I have the list for you! (I think you sense where this is going.)

Now, I know what you’re probably asking yourself right now. If I’m such a ~busy~ college student, Ashley, then how am I supposed to afford pumpkin-spicy, aesthetic fall fun with my people? Well, I bring answers. These ideas to liven up your fall and escape the stresses of schoolwork are of reasonable cost and incredible convenience to the typical Holy Family student! 

5. Apple Festival at Peddler’s Village 

Admission Price: Free 

When: Saturday, November 5, 2022, and Sunday, November 6, 2022 

How do you like them apples?! Prepare for Thanksgiving by taking a day trip less than an hour north of campus to the 47th Annual Apple Festival at Peddler’s Village in Bucks County, PA. Stroll along the picturesque paths of Peddler’s Village and embrace the beautiful fall weather with your friends and family as you enjoy the most delicious fresh apples, apple cider, applesauce, apple pies…and just about anything else apple you can think of! 


4. Spooky Favorites at Penn Cinema Drive-In Movie Theater

Admission Price: $10 per car 

When: Throughout the fall season 

If you are planning to watch some scary movies with your people this spooky season, enjoy an interesting change of scenery and the crisp fall weather by viewing a drive-in movie at Penn Cinema in Huntingdon Valley, PA! Throughout October and November, this drive-in theater located about a half hour from campus will be showing a collection of iconic fall classics such as The Shining, Beetlejuice, Halloween, Goosebumps, and Casper. Cheaper than the typical indoor movie theater, tickets only cost $10 per parking spot. Not to mention, this drive-in theater provides a comfortable, nostalgic atmosphere. 

Source: more-details/10151467005884978/ 

3. Picnic at Fluehr Park 

Admission Price: Free 

When: Whenever you want! 

Simple, but effective. This idea might just be the most convenient and accessible yet laid-back and relaxing on the entire list! Pick a beautiful autumn day with your Holy Family friends—maybe in between a long day of classes or during the common hour—and walk across campus for an afternoon picnic! Bring your food basket and blankets for a day filled with lots of sweet treats, laughing friends, and fall fun. If you want to make the day more festive (or if you have more time to kill in between classes), you can bring a camera for an autumn photoshoot. You can also bring pumpkins to paint or carve on the grass if you’re feeling extra artsy! 


2. Fall Attractions at Shady Brook Farm 

Admission Price: Begins at $15 online 

When: The months of September-October 

Get into the fall spirit by checking out Shady Brook Farm with your friends and family! This one-stop shop has everything autumn you could ask for. Throughout the fields, visitors can pick pumpkins, sunflowers, and apples. Not to mention, there are hayrides—haunted at nighttime and, ummm, ~mild~ at daytime for my fellow scaredy-cats. Drive through the whimsical Halloween Light Show or perhaps play a game of cornhole near the ice cream stand while listening to live music with your friends! Less than a half hour from Holy Family’s main campus, Shady Brook Farm offers a grand array of autumnal activities suitable for all personality types and price ranges. 


1. Homecoming at Holy Family University 

Admission Price: Free for students 

When: Cancelled Due to Ian

Last, but certainly not least…the most anticipated event of the fall semester for Holy Family University: Homecoming! Tigers, get ready to roar because this on-campus, all-day party is about to be poppin’! In years past, there have been crab fries, soccer and volleyball games, halftime performances from the cheerleading and dance teams, balloons, photo-booth snapshots, Blue the Tiger, and did I mention crab fries? It is for sure the place to kick off the month of October, and what makes it even better is that it is completely free to students and easy travels, as it is being held directly on campus. This is a day that Holy Family students do not want to miss!

From one Holy Family student on a budget to another, I hope that this list has provided you with some much-needed fall inspiration for realistic and attainable, yet fun and festive plans that you can make with your loved ones this upcoming season. Likewise, I hope that some of your “semester scaries” have been alleviated by the comfort of knowing that there is a variety of reasonably-priced, local activities available to help you escape the daily stress of schoolwork. Now, the next October night when you and your friends are debating about where to go or what to do, you can take a quick peek at this list and check off one of these phenomenal (but affordable) ideas!

Ashley Dolt is a senior Secondary Education/English major at Holy Family.