Studying Tips at Holy Family!

During the Fall Mid-terms and Final Exam period, it is a prime time to see students trying
to find quiet, accessible places to study and cram in any last-minute homework. If you are
someone who gets tired of all the study rooms in the library being full, or you just are unable to
find good study spots, hopefully, this list can help you find somewhere on campus to get some
coursework done, efficiently and effortlessly!

After the studying has ended, you can take time to enjoy some music, chat with classmates, or
enjoy a nice meal on campus while you’re waiting to go home or go to your next class. Don’t
forget to take some time to do self-care to check in with yourself post studying, and always fully
immerse yourself in a break. It is important to your mental health to take time, even just five
minutes, to relax to recuperate the mind.

  1. The most common study area students mentioned they enjoyed studying at was the
    upstairs area of the Campus Center. Sometimes there can be athletic events going on
    downstairs by the gym, which can interfere with one’s concentration and attention while
    trying to complete their work. Although that background noise can be distracting, the
    upstairs level of the Campus Center puts plenty of space between you and the hustle and
    bustle. It is very inviting, with a few sofas to sit and enjoy the campus atmosphere while
    studying. Comfort and accessibility are easy to find in this study spot.
  2. For those who appreciate a tucked-away, faux Starbucks vibe, then the Cub Cafe is the right choice for you. Located on the first floor of the Education Technology Center (ETC), it is a pleasant location to revive yourself with some coffee, order a quick snack, and start your day on the right foot! There are a lot of seats in the Cub Cafe for you and some friends to study while enjoying a nice meal. If you have any classes in this building, this is also a great place to catch up on some notes in between classes.
  3. If you are looking for a big breakfast, lunch, or dinner while trying to cram your studies in, the Cafeteria is a great area to do so! Many students say the best time to take advantage of this study spot is during off hours because it typically is a pretty loud room during common hours. It can be calm enough for people to efficiently study and, after a tasty meal, it is the perfect place to catch up on any assignments that were missed over the weekend.
  4. The students who live on campus may not know they have easy access to a study lounge inside the dormitory. At the Stevenson Hall dorms, there are study rooms on each floor, located at the end of the hall. There is also a big lounge room that is great to study in if it’s quiet. However, the study rooms have large desks and windows for students to contemplate out of while they complete their work. There are also some plush chairs to relax in if you would like to sit and read. For those who dorm, this is an awesome place to do some late-night cramming; especially if you don’t want to wake your roommate up!
  5. For those study groups out there, you will be more interested in a reserved study room inside the library. These study rooms are located on the upper and basement levels of the library. If you need a whiteboard to break down those equations, then look no further! The librarians also provide dry-erase markers, if you ask politely. If you are looking for a solo session, the basement area of the library is very quiet and has plenty of space for those looking to spread out their notes. There is a lovely view of the outside, which you can enjoy on the comfortable couches during your study breaks. If you need a quick refreshment, the main floor has a couple of vending machines and a coffee maker as well.
  6. When there’s a cool, warm breeze, and the sun is shining, it is the perfect combination for “‘study weather!” As the days are starting to get cooler, it is crucial to stay bundled up while you’re outside. However, the cool air may be just enough to keep you up during a long chapter. There are seats outside the cafeteria by the Campus Center; there is also seating outside the ETC, so you don’t need to stray too far from your next class. Across from the Nursing Building is a serene, inviting gondola that is surrounded by beautiful flowers in the springtime, just perfect for studying.
  7. The final spot that isn’t well known to most students is the basement level of Holy Family Hall. When you take the elevator down, you are greeted by an eerie, old-school corridor; take a left, then you’ll see the perfect little nook to study in. It is a small, quaint spot crowded with just a few lunch tables and, paired with a couple of vending machines. A student recommended this to me mainly because there are very few visitors in that area, which makes sense because there were only a few places to sit when I visited the area. I wouldn’t recommend this spot for anyone looking to study in a group because the basement is fairly quiet, and you don’t want to disturb any staff members. Overall, a cool secret study spot to enjoy at Holy Family Hall.

Jaqirah Kaloki is a student at Holy Family University.