No Love for Fightin’ Phils?

Phillies Fans Grow Dissatisfied of the MLB’s Social Media Posts

Whoever is running the MLB Instagram account this offseason needs to get fired.

Take a minute and scroll through the official Instagram account of Major League Baseball. Have you noticed anything strange about their off-season posts? Why don’t you take a closer look at some of their most recent predictions surrounding the upcoming 2023 baseball season?

That’s right, I’m talking about your team, Phillies fans! If you haven’t felt furious about the downgrading attitude placed towards this franchise already, you will now! As the 2023 baseball season is quickly approaching, the MLB has begun posting rankings and predictions of teams and players that will excel this season. Of course, this is quite an engaging way to thrill baseball fans alike during the offseason. Who doesn’t love rivaling with one another about having a better baseball team in their city? I know I’ve said a comment or two.

But what’s causing this grief in the heart of Phillies fans? Let’s head over to the MLB’s Instagram account and view some of their most recent posts.

Posted on January 12, a ranked list provided by showcases their “Top 10 Lineups of 2023”. On this list, teams from both the National and American League are placed on a scale ranging from 1 to 10. As you can see at the top of the list, the Houston Astros are depicted as having the leading lineup of the 2023 season. Moving further down the list, the Philadelphia Phillies had proceeded the LA Dodgers in being ranked eighth.

Now, tell me Phillies fans, is it just me or does this seem a bit unfair? Let’s be honest, even someone who isn’t a fan of our team can see how outrageous this list is. Before jumping to conclusions, every lineup posted online is just a prediction based on moves made during the off-season and a team’s roster from the previous season and spring training. So, the lineups announced on Opening Day would provide a clearer picture. In the meantime, here is a few websites that share similar starting lineup predictions for the Phillies (Possible Phillies 2023 Roster, Philadelphia Phillies’ 2023 Projected Starting Lineup After Signing Trea Turner).

In order to find an “excuse” why placed the Phillies in such a disrespectful spot on this list, let’s view parts of these projected lineups:

  • Starting with one of the Philadelphia Phillies key players, there is no question that J.T. Realmuto will be catching at the start of the season. Constantly referred to with the acronym of “BCIB” (Best Catcher in Baseball), Realmuto has a solidified position in the Phillies 2023 starting lineup through being an asset in their previous season.
  • Recently signing with the Phillies on an eleven-year contract, Trea Turner is predicted to be playing the position of shortstop. Although a versatile position player, Turner will play shortstop with the departure of Jean Segura. After playing successfully for the Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers, we must believe in the power of Trea!
  • When looking for someone who should be placed in left field, there’s no other answer besides the powerhouse of Kyle Schwarber. After having an outstanding first year with the Phillies, Schwarber should remain in left field for this upcoming season.
  • After his first year with the Phillies Organization, centerfielder Brandon Marsh has developed into a critical piece for the outfield. With his ability to produce and act defensively, it is highly likely that Brandon Marsh will start this season in centerfield.
  • Returning for his third year with the Phillies, it is predicted that Alec Bohm will continue to defend his corner at third base. With hopes of performing this defensive position as well as he had in the post season, Alec Bohm is likely to remain third baseman in the 2023 starting lineup.

After looking at a few of the players predicted to appear in the Phillies 2023 starting lineup, you might be confused why the MLB would make a post that implied such a bold statement. Like every other social media user, the MLB has the right to express their own opinion. But at what cost? Have they viewed their comment section of this post and the amount of dissatisfied fans that flooded with justice for the Phillies?

Responding to this post with the comment of “lol,” relief pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, Connor Brogdon expressed his opinion. Let’s address the obvious- of course, this comment could mean a variety of things. But by the looks of other users comments, placing the Phillies in the eighth overall spot for “Top 10 Lineups of 2023” seems like a joke.

Speaking as a biased Phillies fan who scrolls and looks for comments to validate these distasteful feelings, the comment section is riddled with them especially under Brogdon’s replies section. If there is anything that is certain about Philadelphia Phillies fans, it is that we will raise our voices loud regardless of whether or not we’re at the Bank.

As Major League Baseball consists of 30 teams, one may look at these comments of Phillies fans as being irrational. But how should fans feel when their team is misrepresented on social media? Could it be the MLB’s blurred view that the Phillies won’t survive part of the upcoming season without the presence of Bryce Harper? Recently undergoing surgery to repair the tear in his UCL, this golden-star player will be on a delayed return. Without Harper as the “face of baseball”, is his absence going to affect the attention that the Phillies will receive?

This concern is in our hands, Phillies fans. The next time you are scrolling on social media and witness one of MLB’s ridiculous posts about the Phillies, don’t hesitate to do what Philadelphia sports fans do best- talk crap and own it. Flood that comment section. Leave one comment or five, reply to that person’s comment who always writes Phillies slander, or share it with fellow Phillies fans to get the attention we deserve!

With those who work tirelessly in the clubhouse like Dave Dombrowski, President of Baseball Operations for the Philadelphia Phillies, and their notorious Manager, Rob Thomson, we deserve to be recognized for their undying efforts during the previous season and current off-season. Acquiring big ticket players such as Trea Turner, Gregory Soto, Taijuan Walker, Matt Strahm, and Craig Kimbrel this off-season, Phillies fans are thrilled to witness the rise of a ravenous ball club studded with star talent. So let’s get to writing those comments, we’ve got work to do Phillies fans!

Kaitlyn Cross is a third-year English student at Holy Family University.